INR 6000.00 per person

Ayurdinam is the one-day rejuvenation package by Aarogyamantra. The package consists of two treatments, well appointed A/c room for 24 hours, 3 meals - healthy vegetarian satwik food for breakfast, lunch & dinner, access to swimming pool & gym.

Primary Treatment - Signature Massage:

Aarogyamantra's propreitory Signature Massage combines ayurvedic Abhyangam with Swedish, Thai and Balinese massages, followed by a traditional steam-bath for a complete rejuvenation experience like never before.

Optional Treatment:

Two options are available for the second treatment - Full Body Mud Bath (Naturopathy) or Takra-Dhara (Ayurveda).


Aarogyamantra introduces a whole new solution to keep yourself healthy, all throughout the year. Experience the year long goodness of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy. A package which protects you for an year from lifestyle diseases. Three packages to choose, flexible timings, options to choose treatments.

Silver Package (INR 56,000 per person):

25 days of yoga
Karkkidaka Package (7 days OP Package)
4 Consultations (1 Consultation every quarter)
15 Abhyangam + Steam
15 Level I treatments
5 Level II treatments
3 Level III treatments
Total 70 days of treatments + yoga and 4 days consultation. All treatments will be OP.

Gold Package (INR 93,000 per person):

50 days of yoga
Karkkidaka Package (10 days OP Package)
6 Consultations (1 Consultation once in two months)
20 Abhyangam + Steam
20 Level I treatments
10 Level II treatments
5 Level III treatments
Total 115 days treatments + yoga and 6 days consultation. All treatments will be OP.

Platinum Package (INR 124,000 per person):

50 days of yoga
Karkkidaka Package (10 days IP Package)
12 Consultations (Monthly consultation)
12 Abhyangam + Steam
Panchakarma Package (21 days IP)
5 Level II treatments
3 Grade III treatments
Total 101 days treatments + yoga, which includes 31 days of IP. 12 days consultation. All treatments will be OP except Karkkida Package (10 days IP) and Panchakarma Package (21 days IP).

Level 1 treatments: Level 2 treatments: Level 3 treatments:
Spinal Bath Mud Therapy Pizhichil
Spinal Spray Foot Reflexology Navarakkizhi
Hip Bath Heavenly Head Massage Swedish Massage
Steam Abhyangam Balinese Massage
Local Mud Therapy Kizhi Signature Massage
Local Abhyanga Local Kizhi Sirovasthi
I.R Treatment Sirodhara Mamsakkizhi
Veshtanam Thalapothichil Aromatic Massage
Rakthamoksham Sun Bath Thai Massage
Enema Circular Jet Bath -
Nasyam + Dhoomapanam Udwarthanam -
Thalam Local Pizhichil -
Tharpanam - -
Kateevasthi - -
Pichu - -
Karnapooranam - -
Upanahaswedam - -
Packs - -


starting from INR 5,000 per day per person

Aarogyamantra offers pure Panchakarma treatment packages. As we give equal importance for Ayurveda, Naturopathy as well as Integrated therapy, we have dedicated packages for each. Panchakarma package is available for 21 days as well as 28 days. Starting the treatments with Snehapana, the package includes Abhyanga, Vamana, Virechana, Kizhi, Vasthi, Pizhichil etc. Panchakarma package brings you pure essence of Ayurveda. The package can be customized based on specific health conditions too.


Starting from INR 5,000 per day per person

Aarogyamantra Integrated Healing offers a complete system of integrated lifestyle management featuring Ayurveda and Naturopathy. We give equal importance for curing diseases, maintaining positive health and developing a legitimate lifestyle. We have dedicated packages solely for Ayurveda and Naturopathy as well as we do have an integrated system which is a blend of both sciences. Our treatment systems are supported by yoga and diet plans. We have a 7 days integrated rejuvenation package.


Days Treatments
Day 1 Mud Therapy Foot Reflexology
Day 2 Mud Therapy Heavenly Head Massage
Day 3 Abhyangam + Steam Thakradhara
Day 4 Abhyangam + Steam Thakradhara
Day 5 Signature Massage Thakradhara
Day 6 Abhyangam + Steam Water Therapy
Day 7 Mud Therapy Foot Reflexology


Additional Guest Information

We wish you a relaxed and rejuvenated stay at Aarogyamantra.

In addition to above, customized packages are also available at Aarogyamantra based on the date preferences and health conditions. Packages are available from 3 days onwards. Brief consultation by physicians over phone is available on request. For more information on packages, please call +91 9544947778 or email us at hello@aarogyamantra.com.

Check-in Time is 3pm and check out time is 12 noon (exceptions will be considered)

Pool and Gym
Use of indoor pool, steam room, gym is complementary for those who reside at Aarogyamantra. Operational hours are from 8am to 8pm, please speak to one of the managers if you wish to use these facilities outside of these hours. Please note that this area is unsupervised so please ask one of the staff members to take you around to the area to make you familiar of the facilities before use.

Yoga Sessions
We have Yoga group sessions 5 days a week mornings and evenings lead by Dr Athul Vivek which are complimentary for residents at Aarogyamantra. We do offer individual and group Yoga classes, please ask the reception for more information and costs.

 Airport pick up & drop off (INR 3500-Cochin airport in a small hatch back car)
 The Aftercare medication that is prescribed by the doctor 3 days prior to check out.
 The extras

Airport Pick up
A driver will meet you at the concerned airport with a placard. Our manager’s numbers are +919544947778 or +91 9544927778. In case of any mix up in pick up, please do not panic! You may use a local land line phone from airport and call us at our any of our manager’s contact numbers. Please let us know: • your arrival date, flight number and expected time of arrival.

Laundry services:
Drying times are dependent upon the weather.
Here is a list of charges:

Items Price
Shirt (ladies or men) INR.35
Trouser INR.40
Undershirt (singlet) INR.30
Shorts (eg: Bermuda) INR.30
Underwear (panties,undershorts, bra) INR.30
Towels(Normal) INR.40
Socks INR.25
Skirt INR.35
Nightie INR.35
Churidar set INR.40

There is ironing facility in a different location if you wish to iron your own clothes, we will charge you extra Rs 40 per item if you prefer us to iron your cloths.

Medicines taken home with you: typically, 100 days of medication to continue your treatment at home will cost approx. INR 6000-INR 10000

Finance settlement and delivery of herbs and spices will be done 3 days prior to departure. Herbs once delivered will not be taken back.

Additionally, herbs and spices not belonging to Aarogyamantra if purchased by us for you after your confirmation will NOT be refundable or taken back.

For best results of your cure programme, it is highly recommended to involve into the domain of RasayanaChikitsa for next 6 months to 12 months based on the intensity of your ailment. This can be done at your home.

The extras (if required)
Occasionally, but rarely, we require the services of outside-the-clinic medical care resulting in extra charges payable directly to the provider. Typical costs may be (and subject to change): • laboratory tests, X-Rays: INR 500 to INR 1000 (subject to change), Specialist consultation (for example: oncologist, Ent): INR 1000 (subject to change)

Local excursions:
we hope you will be able to take advantage of your stay in Kerala to see and enjoy some of our local sights and traditions. Please speak to one of our managers for ideas and costs. There are many interesting places nearby. Reception staff can assist you but from doctors’ viewpoint, we strongly discourage any sightseeing as we have found it seriously and significantly disappoints the fragile healing process. We respect the client’s desire to explore Kerala as it is one of the 50 recommended destinations, but we must admit that many clients have partially and moderately lost the benefits of cure programme by frequent outside visits [ frequent = more than 1 outside visit within 5 days]. Food from hotels outside Aarogyamantra is not trustworthy and has ruined the cure process of many clients by food poisoning etc. We wish the best of healing your body, mind and soul and we offer our best possible medical and social services for achieving your targets of your visit.

Cultural programmes
Our dedicated management team can advise upon and organize cultural activities outside of the Aarogyamantra, for example:
 a boat trip through the Backwaters
 a visit to a temple or a church festival
 a tour to the Periyar National Park
 a visit to an astrologer
 a tour to the city of Kottayam
 any other traditional music or art event

As mentioned, take into consideration that it is not advisable to do extensive sightseeing trips or comparable tiring activities while being on Ayurvedic treatments. The body and mind should get the rest they deserve while you are staying at Aarogyamantra. It is better to invest that time into your health and well-being instead.

Our Clinical Team
Our Doctors do different shifts, but it is made flexible to accommodate the suitability of the clients for 7 days a week. The staff can always make the doctors available for you 24 x 7 on all days over the phone. In addition, Our Naturopathy Doctor stay overnight at Aarogyamantra premise to provide evening and early morning Yoga sessions. Our doctors prudently use a combination of Ayurveda, Naturopathy and modern diagnostic techniques and treatments to fasten the recovery of all clients. Our therapists execute the treatment plans set out by the doctors. Therefore, if any changes are requested, it must first be approved by the doctor. All our therapists are well trained in Ayurveda and modern massage techniques to work with people of many cultures. Occasionally, there are difficulties with communication – please bear with us. If there are any difficulties, kindly inform your doctor or one of the managers and the situation will soon be rectified.

Administration and Night staff
Our staff will do their best to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Our reception and kitchen team are physically available from 8am to 8pm only. House keeping/cleaning staff usually attends your bedroom every day for cleaning. Bed linen is changed every 3rd day and upon each check out for conservation purposes. However, we are delighted to meet your needs upon request. Hang your towels to reuse them help us reduce water and energy consumption. Towels are replaced only if left on the floor. There will be one member of staff during night shift for emergencies only.

Water concerns
Everyday you will receive different herbal or medicated water. This water has been boiled with herbs and processed. We are using the best water purifiers before its boiled with herbs. This water is detoxifying in nature and has action in different Doshas and dhatus of body and acts as a blood purifier. It is also part of the Kerala culture. It is best to avoid the factory sealed mineral water, soft drinks etc. In warm countries like India, hot water shower on the head daily potentially can cause other health issues. Hot water showers are therefore not advisable daily.

The medicines served at Aarogyamantra are time-tested herbal formulations and are manufactured by leading certified factories in Kerala. Some medicines taste bitter but these are natural herbal formulations that are detoxifying and rejuvenating to different levels of body functions and is prescribed based on Doctors guidance only.

We serve vegetarian diet only at our Amrit Restaurant. Food is included in your treatment plan. Should you require anything beyond our menu, or if you want extra food items, please consult your doctor we might be able to organise. Extra charges will apply.

Ayurveda recommends food to be consumed in silence and concentration for better digestion and with concentration for better digestion.

Food choices and timings are regulated by the doctors. Kindly inform us of any allergies or food aversions. We will do our best to accommodate your wishes for plain or bland food. Kindly communicate with your doctor. Meals are served at a schedule that enhances effective treatments:

 Breakfast: 8:00 - 09:30 am
 Lunch: 12:30 – 2:00 pm
 Dinner: 6:30 – 8:00 pm

To serve you better the next day, kitchen staff will not be available after 8 pm except emergency situations. The menu of next day will be displayed the previous night at our Amrit Restaurant.

Internet service
Complimentary Wi-Fi is available in designated areas only. If you need dedicated reliable internet connection, we can arrange that for a cost. Please discuss this with the manager as the rate varies.

Use of electronic gadgets like mobile, tablet and laptop for external communications is best to be minimised to 30 to 45 minutes per day if at all it is inevitable.

We have a walking path in our garden. It is safe to walk around the paddy fields near Aarogyamantra, but we cannot take responsibility for you outside Aarogyamantra premises. The local people are kind and friendly and will often greet you. No untoward incident has ever been reported but if you wish to have a staff accompany you, we might be able to arrange that based on their availability. Please speak to our manager.

Shopping in Kottayam Town is best in the mid-afternoon when the traffic is minimal. Bargaining is not part of the local culture and fixed prices are the norm. The reception staff will be happy to arrange a taxi or auto-rikshaw and will discuss your needs with the driver.

NON VEGETRIAN FOOD/SMOKING/ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION is not permitted inside Aarogyamantra. For more information on packages, please call +91 9544947778 or email us at hello@aarogyamantra.com.

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Aarogya meaning state of being healthy mantra meaning sacred message and Aarogyamantra offers the sacred message to being healthy.

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