Ayurdinam is the one-day rejuvenation package by Aarogyamantra. The package consists of two treatments, well appointed A/c room for 24 hours, 3 meals - healthy vegetarian satwik food for breakfast, lunch & dinner, access to swimming pool & gym.

Primary Treatment - Signature Massage:

Aarogyamantra's propreitory Signature Massage combines ayurvedic Abhyangam with Swedish, Thai and Balinese massages, followed by a traditional steam-bath for a complete rejuvenation experience like never before.

Optional Treatment:

Two options are available for the second treatment - Full Body Mud Bath (Naturopathy) or Takra-Dhara (Ayurveda).


Aarogyamantra introduces a whole new solution to keep yourself healthy, all throughout the year. Experience the year long goodness of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy. A package which protects you for an year from lifestyle diseases. Three packages to choose, flexible timings, options to choose treatments.

Silver Package:

25 days of yoga
Karkkidaka Package (7 days OP Package)
4 Consultations (1 Consultation every quarter)
15 Abhyangam + Steam
15 Level I treatments
5 Level II treatments
3 Level III treatments
Total 70 days of treatments + yoga and 4 days consultation. All treatments will be OP.

Gold Package:

50 days of yoga
Karkkidaka Package (10 days OP Package)
6 Consultations (1 Consultation once in two months)
20 Abhyangam + Steam
20 Level I treatments
10 Level II treatments
5 Level III treatments
Total 115 days treatments + yoga and 6 days consultation. All treatments will be OP.

Platinum Package:

50 days of yoga
Karkkidaka Package (10 days IP Package)
12 Consultations (Monthly consultation)
12 Abhyangam + Steam
Panchakarma Package (21 days IP)
5 Level II treatments
3 Grade III treatments
Total 101 days treatments + yoga, which includes 31 days of IP. 12 days consultation. All treatments will be OP except Karkkida Package (10 days IP) and Panchakarma Package (21 days IP).

Level 1 treatments: Level 2 treatments: Level 3 treatments:
Spinal Bath Mud Therapy Pizhichil
Spinal Spray Foot Reflexology Navarakkizhi
Hip Bath Heavenly Head Massage Swedish Massage
Steam Abhyangam Balinese Massage
Local Mud Therapy Kizhi Signature Massage
Local Abhyanga Local Kizhi Sirovasthi
I.R Treatment Sirodhara Mamsakkizhi
Veshtanam Thalapothichil Aromatic Massage
Rakthamoksham Sun Bath Thai Massage
Enema Circular Jet Bath -
Nasyam + Dhoomapanam Udwarthanam -
Thalam Local Pizhichil -
Tharpanam - -
Kateevasthi - -
Pichu - -
Karnapooranam - -
Upanahaswedam - -
Packs - -


Aarogyamantra offers pure Panchakarma treatment packages. As we give equal importance for Ayurveda, Naturopathy as well as Integrated therapy, we have dedicated packages for each. Panchakarma package is available for 21 days as well as 28 days. Starting the treatments with Snehapana, the package includes Abhyanga, Vamana, Virechana, Kizhi, Vasthi, Pizhichil etc. Panchakarma package brings you pure essence of Ayurveda. The package can be customized based on specific health conditions too.


Aarogyamantra Integrated Healing offers a complete system of integrated lifestyle management featuring Ayurveda and Naturopathy. We give equal importance for curing diseases, maintaining positive health and developing a legitimate lifestyle. We have dedicated packages solely for Ayurveda and Naturopathy as well as we do have an integrated system which is a blend of both sciences. Our treatment systems are supported by yoga and diet plans. We have a 7 days integrated rejuvenation package.


Days Treatments
Day 1 Mud Therapy Foot Reflexology
Day 2 Mud Therapy Heavenly Head Massage
Day 3 Abhyangam + Steam Thakradhara
Day 4 Abhyangam + Steam Thakradhara
Day 5 Signature Massage Thakradhara
Day 6 Abhyangam + Steam Water Therapy
Day 7 Mud Therapy Foot Reflexology


Customized packages are available at Aarogyamatra based on the date preferences and health conditions. Packages are available from 3 days onwards. Consultation by physicians over phone is available.

Smoking / consuming alcohol is not permitted. We provide vegetarian diet only. We have pre-planned menu and the food will be prepared based on requirements. Dinner time will be 06:30 pm. Internet Wi Fi facility is available in reception area only. All packages will be confirmed only with the communication either through email or phone call. For more information on packages, please call +91 9544947778 or email us at hello@aarogyamantra.com .