Welcome to Aarogyamantra where our integrated clinicians will fuse advanced and ancient therapy techniques to deliver a finest therapeutic experience. Aaromatic and pure essential oils work in harmony with powerful plant extracts and deeply nourishing marine elements to create a collection of treatments and products that are both calming and luxurious.

With luxurious treatment suites, relaxation rooms, swimming pool, steam, sauna and an extensive range of therapies on offer, Aarogyamantra offers the perfect haven to enjoy some time out and pampering in..

TARIFFS & Packages

Integrated Wellness Tariff

  • Weight Loss (14-21 days)-INR.8500/night
  • Detoxification (7-14 days)-INR.7500/night
  • Anti-Ageing (14 days)-INR.7500/night
  • Detoxification & Rejuvenation (7-14 days)-INR.12500/night
  • Each wellness programme will have a number of therapy sessions and individual vegetarian diet tailored to your needs. A detailed daily programme is available on request.

    Integrated Therapy programs will be decided after detailed consultation with the integrated practitioner and Ayurveda physician
    All package rates are inclusive of treatment charges, prescribed foodand drink, treatment materials, group yoga session,gym, pool, steam and sauna.

Ayurvedic Wellness Tariff

  • Ayurveda Special (7-14 days) - INR.6000/ night
  • Panchakarma (21-28 days)-INR.5000/ night
  • Weight loss (14-28days)-INR 5000/ night
  • Each wellness programme will have a number of therapy sessions and individual vegetarian diet tailored to your needs. A detailed daily programme is available on request.

    All package rates are inclusive of treatment charges, prescribed food and drink, treatment materials, group yoga session, gym, pool, steam and sauna.

Naturopathic Wellness Tariff

  • Rejuvenation (7-14 days)-INR.5000/night
  • Weight Loss (14-28 days) INR.4000/night
  • Each wellness programme will have a number of therapy sessions and individual vegetarian diet tailored to your needs. A detailed daily programme is available on request.

    All package rates are inclusive of treatment charges, prescribed food and drink, treatment materials, group yoga session, gym, pool, steam and sauna.

Yoga Tariff

  • Intensive Yoga Retreat (7 Days)-7500/ night
  • Aarogyamantra's intensive yoga retreat is the yoga foundation course which aims to teach not just the practical application of yoga but also the theoretical basis behind this Holistic discipline.
    With daily physical tuition, theoretical classes, posture correction, breathing, pranayama, relaxation and meditation sessions along with freshly prepared wholesome vegetarian yogic diet, you will leave the retreat not only with a better knowledge of yoga but also rejuvenated, refreshed and energized both physically and mentally.

Bridal Package

  • Aarogyamantra Bridal package- INR. 10,000 (3-4 HOURS)
  • WEDDING PACKAGES are for brides/groom/brides maids/Bride & Groom family


  • "POSITIVE ME CAMPS" - KIDS SPECIAL- INR. 7500/child (5 days10am-3pm)
  • Aarogyamantra offer a holiday camps for kids to relax and have fun in its newly built, fully equipped indoor swimming pool. Separate changing areas for male/female, Yoga hall, onsite kitchen providing healthy drinks, snacks and meals. We also have steam and sauna rooms for mums and dads to relax


ABHYANGA & STEAM INR.2000 30 minutes
SHIRODHARA INR.5000 60 minutes
PIZHICHIL INR.5000 60 minutes
KASHAYADHARA INR.5000 45 minutes
KSHEERADHARA INR.5000 45 minutes
TAKRA DHARA INR.5000 60 minutes
ELAKIZHI INR.1500 45 minutes
PODIKIZHI INR.1500 45 minutes
NARANGAKIZHI INR.1500 45 minutes
NAVARAKIZHI INR.4500 60 minutes
MAMSAKIZHI INR.4500 60 minutes
SHIROVASTHI INR.4500 45 minutes
NIROOHAVASTHI (enema) INR.4500 -
SNEHAVASTHI(enema) INR.1000 -
KATIVASTHI INR.1500/ INR.1000 45 minutes /30 minutes
JANUVASTHI INR.1500/ INR.1000 45 minutes /30 minutes
UROVASTHI INR.1500/ INR.1000 45 minutes /30 minutes
GREEVAVASTHI INR.1500/ INR.1000 45 minutes /30 minutes
UDWARTANAM INR.4500/ INR.2500 60 minutes /45 minutes
THALAPOTHICHIL INR.1500 45 minutes
PICHU INR.500 45 minutes
THALAM INR.300 60 minutes
VENNATHALAM INR.500 60 minutes
NELLIKKA THALAM INR.1500 60 minutes
TARPANAM INR.1500 45 minutes
KARNAPOORANAM INR.500 20 minutes
UPANAHASWEDA INR.1000 20 minutes
Local ABHYANGA & Local hot compress INR.1000 30 minutes
Bandage with ayurvedic medicine INR.400 20 minutes
Ayurveda Face Massage INR.500 20 minutes
Local Steam INR.400 20 minutes
Abhyanga without steam INR.3000 60 minutes
Nasya without Dhoomapanam INR.1000 30 minutes


BathsCold/Tepid temperature/Neutral/Warm/Hot/very Cold Temperatures
Sitz Bath INR.500 20 minutes
Hip Bath INR.500 20 minutes
Spinal bath INR.500 20 minutes
Spinal Spray INR.1200 20 minutes
Spinal Spray with Head strokes INR.5000 30 minutes
Arm Bath INR.800 20 minutes
Foot Bath INR.800 20 minutes
Arm and Foot Bath INR.1200 20 minutes
Full Immersion Bath classical INR.1500 30 minutes
Full Immersion Bath special INR.2000 30 minutes
Full Immersion Bath medicated INR.3000 30 minutes
Circular Jet Bath INR.4000 15 minutes
Facial Massage INR.500 15 minutes
Foot reflexology INR.2000 30 minutes
Hand Reflexology INR.1000 30 minutes
Spot Massage (localized area massage) INR.1200 30 minutes
Packs & CompressCold Temperature /Neutral/warm/Hot/Very cold temperature
All Packs INR.300 30 minutes
Local Compress INR.300 10-20 minutes
Ice Bag INR.300 10-20 minutes
Fomentation Bag INR.300 10-20 minutes
Gastro-Hepatic Pack INR.1000 45 minutes
Kidney pack INR.1000 45 minutes
Steam treatments
Facial Steam INR.500 15 minutes
Essential Oil Facial steam INR.800 15 minutes
Steam bath cabin INR.800 20 minutes
Steam bath room INR.1200 20 minutes
Sauna Bath INR.1500 20 minutes
Hydrotherapy Internal Applications / Kriyas/Cleansing treatments
Vamana Kriya INR.1000
Jala Neti INR.800 with pot
Sutra Neti INR.800 with tube
Enema INR. 500


Acupuncture- (Minimum of 10 sessions are required for good result) INR.700/Session including Needle charges 45 minutes
Acupressure -Per Session-(Minimum of 10 sessions are required for good result) INR.800/Session 45 minutes
Western Massages
Full Body Swedish Massage INR.3000 60 minutes
Partial /Local Swedish Massage INR.1500 30 minutes
Back Massage INR.2500 45 minutes
Kundalini /Spinal Massage+ Medicated Spinal Spray INR.3500 90 minutes
Thai Massage INR.4500 60 minutes
Deep tissue Massage INR.4500 60 minutes
Shiatsu Massage INR.3000 60 minutes
Balinese Massage INR.4500 60 minutes
Lomi Lomi Massage INR.4500 60 minutes
Aromatherapy Massage INR.5000 60 minutes
Lymphatic Drainage Massage INR.4000 60 minutes
Cryotherapy/Local Ice Massage INR.500 20 minutes
Local Oil application +IRR INR.500 20 minutes
Local Paraffin Wax INR.800 20 minutes
IFT INR.500 20 minutes
Exercise therapy INR.1000 60 minutes
Full Mud Bath INR.2000 60 minutes
Local Mud Application INR.1000 30 minutes
Mud pack-Eyes & Abdomen INR.1000 30 minutes
Steam treatments
Eye pack INR.500 30 minutes
T-Mud Pack INR.1000 30 minutes
Mustard Pack INR.500 20 minutes
Athapasnana (Sun Bath) INR.2000 60 minutes
Turmeric Lepam INR.2000 30 minutes


  • Yoga group session registration Fees - INR 1000(Lifetime registration)
  • Yoga group session Monthly Fees - INR.1500(Monday to Friday)
  • Yoga 1 to 1 session /Private Yoga-INR.600/session (only after consulting with the doctor In charge)
  • Yoga session in a Group -INR.300/session

Swimming Charges

  • Individual Session (60 minutes)- INR.600
  • Group session (5 or more 60 minutes) -INR. 300/person
  • Swim ,Steam, Sauna(60 minutes) - INR.1200
  • Aquafit/Aquatic session (60 minutes)-INR.600

Beauty Treatments

  • Manicure (45 mins) - INR.2000.00 (including nail polish)
  • Pedicure (1 hr) - INR.2200.00
  • Facial (1 hr) - INR.2000.00

Consultation and Accommodation

  • Consultation fees- INR.1000.00
  • Follow up consultation - INR.500.00
  • Room rent A/C room- INR.2500.00 per night (single occupancy basis)
  • Room rent A/C room- INR.3500.00 per night (double occupancy basis)
  • Extra mattress- INR.750.00 per night (sharing same room but only 1 extra mattress allowed)
  • Family Leisure package- Rs. 5450.00 per night (sharing same room 1 extra mattress included allowed-2 adults and 1 child. Package include unlimited use of gym, pool, sauna and steam)
  • Note:Food extra as per Amrit menu (this Restaurant provides vegetarian cuisine only INR.200.00 per meal).

Policies & Facilities

  • Cancellation Policy

    A 100% charge will be incurred for any out-patient services cancelled 24 houINR prior to your scheduled appointment time. Late arrival will shorten your treatment time.
    Wellness or Medical bookings inclusive of overnight accommodation, cancellation must be received 5 days prior to your arrival for a full refund.
    100% charge will be incurred for any cancellations received within 5 days of arrival.

  • Children's Policy

    We are delighted to offer treatments for children under 16 years old however they must be accompanied by an adult for the whole duration. Please contact the Aarogyamantra reservations team for details on treatments available for our young guests. Access to the steam, sauna and gym are restricted to over 16's only. Children of 12-16 years of age must pay full tariff, under 12 can avail 50% discount of tariff and below 3 years free (All children below 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult)

  • Complimentary Facilities

    Guests staying with us can avail, regular housekeeping, soap, shampoo, free Wi-Fi internet access in designated areas, daily newspaper, magazines, Lounge for watching TV, parking, Iron & Iron Board, Luggage and guest stationary storage.

  • Chargeable Facilities

    Vegetarian restaurant facilities, Taxi booking, local tours, telephone call charges, personal laundry