"Aarogya" meaning state of being healthy "mantra" meaning sacred message and Aarogyamantra offers the sacred message to being healthy.

Aarogyamantra is an integrated healing centre that offers Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation and Spa therapies in a modern setting while reflecting rich healing traditions of Kerala. The centre is designed to provide high quality care; primarily offering detoxification, integrated treatment Packages, wellness Packages, spa packages, lifestyle correction Packages for specific health conditions and convalescent care. Our professionally qualified doctors and accredited therapists are specialists in Naturopathy and Ayurvedic medicine.

Our integrated treatments take into account the state of mind, emotions, physical body, lifestyle and goals, rather than just physical symptoms. By applying appropriate treatment and education, individuals can restore balance, harmony and achieve personal goals for a healthier lifestyle.

While you are with us, you don't just hear about how to live a healthy life, you experience it by eating well, exercising and nourishing your body and mind.

Amrit is our in-house restaurant that provides nutritious vegetarian meals, healthy salads and a juice bar with comfortable seating where guests can take refreshments, read, socialise or to simply relax.


Aarogyamantra, formerly known as Mahatma Gandhi Nature Cure & Yoga Centre, was run by Dr Aleyamma Punnoose and her husband, Mr NT Punnoose since 1976. The founders of Aarogyamantra are their son, Prince and his wife, Bindu; their vision is to promote high quality integrated natural healing using Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Yoga and other complementary therapies to the world.Dr Aleyamma Punnoose is still very active in the operation and management of Aarogyamantra to ensure a high quality service is delivered to all our clients.

Founder & Chairman


Prince Punnoose
Founder & Chairman

Prince Punnoose ( Founder & Chairman)

Prince Punnoose brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Aarogyamantra; maintaining and delivering a safe, effective, high quality health care through to best patient experience.

Prince has followed the footsteps of his parents who ran Naturopathy and Yoga Centre since 1976 and founded Aarogyamantra. Prince and his wife, Bindu, are both successful health care professionals and live in England with their young daughters.

Quality of care is the heart of their ethos and it is paramount that all safeguards and measure are in place for our staff and patients while they are at Aarogyamantra premises. Prince and Bindu strongly believe profit should be a by-product and not the aim of any healthcare service which helps to transcend into their core values, of compassion, integrity and respect to all staff and clients.

The Aarogyamantra Team

Aaroygyamantra is a family-owned healing centre and has been providing naturapathy and yoga since 1976.

All doctors and therapists are medically qualified in their respective field of medicine. They have good knowledge, training, experience and above all are passionate about their work. Our practitioners are trained to advise you on the best treatments suitable for your needs.


Dr Aleyamma Punnoose
Clinical Director

Dr Aleyamma Punnoose is the first qualified lady Naturopathy doctor from Kerala who served at the Government Nature Cure Hospital in Varkala, Kerala for many years.


Dr Sreejith Raveendran
Consultant Ayurveda Physician

Our Consultant Ayurveda Physician who completed his BAMS degree (Bachelor of Ayurvedic medicine and surgery) form Chennai in 2014. He started his practice as an RMO at local Hospital in Kottayam for 4 months. Then he did his post-graduation degree from Mangalore in 2017.He worked as assistant professor in shri Siddhivinayaka Ayurveda medical college& hospital, Belgaum and Karavali Ayurveda medical college and hospital,Mangalore. Then he served as a doctor in Biphalife Ayurveda centre, kottayam.

Dr Sreejith presently works withVaidyaratnam Oushadhasala, Thrissur.His expertise is in the field of Panchakarma- Vamana, Virechana, Vasthi, Nasya, Raktamoshana is impeccable. He is also specialized in para surgical procedures of Ayurveda like Ksharakarma and Agni karma. Dr Sreejith has recently conducted a research work on pharmaceutical analytical study of Patali Taila and its experimental study in burn wounds and published an article on the same in International Journal of Research in Ayurveda and Pharmacy (IJRAP)

Dr Sreejith has been working for Aarogyamantra since Spring 2020 and continue to support our RMO, Dr Bismi, and available as a consultant Ayurveda physician for Aarogyamantra clients during weekends. We have been very impressed with Dr Sreejith’s clinical knowledge in the field of Ayurveda, his patient management skills and commitment to the field of Ayurveda.


Dr. Lakshmi Lal
Consultant Ayurveda Physician

Dr Lakshmi is our Consultant Ayurveda Physician who completed her BAMS degree (Bachelor Degree of Ayurvedic medicine and surgery) form SDM College of Ayurveda and Hospital, Karnataka in 2016. She started her practice as a production controller at Vasudeva Vilasam Herbal Remedies Pvt Ltd. For over 2 years where she was involved in research and learnt a lot about manufacturing and production of Ayurveda medicines and supplements. Along with that role she was a visiting consultant at Sri Krishna Ayurvedic clinic Trivandrum where she was involved in the clinical care of patients including experience providing panchakarma programmes.

Dr Lakshmi then went to do her Masters Degree in Manasa Roga (Ayurvedic Psychiatry)from SDMCAH, Karnataka and completed this in 2021.

Dr Lakshmi has a special interest in Ayurvedic psychotherapy, counselling, relaxation treatments, and Panchakarma programmes. While the importance of physical health is widely acknowledged, the area of mental health literacy has been comparatively neglected. This is very much needed in the modern world where there is much support needed in mental health. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on the mental health of people all over the world. Aarogyamantra is very much focused on the holistic (physical, mental, and emotional) well-being of everyone coming to us for help.

Dr Lakshmi lives with her husband and young daughter near Aarogyamantra, who has special talent in classical dances such as Mohiniyattam and Bharatanatyam. Aarogyamantra is very pleased to have Dr Lakshmi as part of our Holistic healthcare team.


Dr. Priya Punnoose
Ayurveda Physician-on call

Dr Priya Punnoose is one of our on-call Ayurveda Physicians who qualified from a leading Ayurveda college in Karnataka, India in 2012. As soon as her course was completed, she has done her 1-year internship at SDM Ayurveda college and hospitals. Dr Priya worked at different clinical settings following this including some of the well-known Ayurveda centres for eye care, Arthritis etc. Dr Priya lives with her two children and husband few minutes away from Aarogyamantra and we are pleased to have Dr Priya joined our clinical team.


Nahas Mohammad
Manager- Marketing and Customer Relations Lead

Nahas is Aarogyamantra’s Marketing and Customer relations lead. He is a qualified Radiology Technician and currently pursuing his Business Administration and Sociology degree. He has 7 years’ experience working as Business Development Executive at two major Hospitals in Kottayam before joining Aarogyamantra. Nahas has excellent communication skills, interpersonal skills and a great team player. Nahas also support our Operations manager in the day to day operations of the business and takes a lead in organising and conducting internal and external events such as educational events, camps etc.

Operations & Therapy

Shine Joseph

Shine is our lead male therapist with qualification in Ayurveda Nursing and Panchakarma. Through his career with Aarogyamantra,Shine has gained expertise in naturopathic and western therapies. In addition to this he is well versed in all Ayurveda Therapies.

Jinu Suresh

Jinu is the lead female therapist with a vast experience of over 10 years in Ayurveda Panchakarma therapy. She has hands on expertise in integrated therapies as well and been with Aarogyamantra since March 2016.

Sivaprasad M P

Sivaprasad is our integrated therapist who is specialized in Panchakarma. His long career in different states of India as well as abroad, with senior doctors, made him an expert in Ayurveda therapies. He is also now trained in western and Naturopathic therapies.

Sreeja V T

Sreeja is an integrated therapist who is a qualified Ayurveda Nurse. Apart from her knowledge in nursing care and panchakarma, she is well-trained in naturopathy and western therapies.